1:1 Customer Feedback: Overall Experience

1:1 Customer Feedback: Overall Experience

We would love to improve your overall Curve experience! Let’s do a 30 min 1:1 video chat so everyone can join! :call_me_hand::smiley:

Tell us the good, the bad, and the in-between!

Sign up here!


Signed up - would love to see some beta stuff/chat about potential plans too :slight_smile:

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Great! We’ll make time for beta chat as well :smiley:

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Any chance I could do it after July 02? I’m not back til then from vacation

I think something went wrong

I just received this email

But it from 18 juny 2018

I changed the category of the topic :slight_smile: It’s a bit odd that it doesn’t highlight that change

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Hi Marie,

If this is going ahead and not old message / news. Then ignore, otherwise:

I can’t seem to select a time / I downloaded calendar app, can you send invite to me?

It’s an old message :slight_smile: I’ll close the thread to make it more obvious.

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