1% any plans to extend beyond 3 months?

I realise on the basic account we get 1% for 3 chosen retailers for 3 months. Are there any plans on extending this or even having a reduced amount is 1% if not achievable?

It is a real incentive to use curve if we know we are at least getting something back.

Can this be put forward as a suggestion?

Thank you


Yes there are plans for that, there are actually two plans, they are called the black plan and the metal plan :wink:


Haha. Yes, indeed. But I think there will be many that simply won’t make a return due to the fees involved

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Last Christmas…all Curve users where able to enjoy another round of the 90 days cashback. So :crossed_fingers:t2: for this Christmas.


I asked them the same, and was told they have no plans to bring it back - probably rather wanting to force people to upgrade.