1% Cashback is only giving 0.866% at selected retailers, sometimes

Hello all,

I realized yesterday that a transaction I had at my chosen selected retailers did not give 1% back as advertised, but effectively at 0.866%.

I’ll keep it brief and talk about 1) my investigation and how I got this number, and 2) non-possible explanations.

I made a transaction on 4 May, 2022, for the amount of €17.97 (EUR).

This yielded £0.13/13 Curve points.

If you convert €17.97 (EUR) into (GBP) on 4 May, 2022 on Mastercard’s currency converter website, this yields £15.19 (GBP).

So I expect at the minimum to get £0.15/15 Curve points since it’s most likely to be rounded down.

Alternatively, perhaps it was converted from the USD price to GBP price, which seems a bit uneffcient, but even checking this yields £15.25 (GBP).

So, this raises the question, why is cashback only at 0.866% (13/15) ?

Some facts:

  • I am a Curve Black subscriber.
  • Intermarché is one of the selected retailers I chose to get 1% cashback on.
  • Reviewing other previous charges, with other retailers that get 1% cashback, it seems that charges below ~£9 (GBP) yield the correct 1% back. Anything above has a discrepancy.

Non-possible explanations:

  • I did not purchase giftcards or withdraw cash (not possible in France).

Only explanation from Curve’s website:

Curve reserves the right to remove/add retailers and alter the percentage (%) of transactions in Curve Cash Points that can be earned when using your card, at our sole discretion and this does not imply a change in our either our UK or EEA Terms of Service.

This means that the limit of 1% cashback is up to a maximum of £10 (GBP) in transaction(s) (since I only spent this much at the beginning of May)… If that is the case, it should be advertised that it’s 1% back up to a limit…

I hope this can get a clear answer! Thank you all for reading. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here is an example of it not working correctly, for another retailer I have chosen (Carrefour).

I made a transaction on 23 April, 2022, for the amount of €27.22 (EUR). The Mastercard rate from (EUR) into (GBP) is £22.90, which yields the incorrect(?) amount of £0.23/23 Curve points (when it could be £0.22/22 if it is always suppose to round down).