2 Bug reports 2.6.1+20601

Using an Android phone in the UK (Though have noticed these issues in previous builds as well).

  1. If a transaction is made shortly after midnight, the transaction has the right date/time (17 June in this case) but the timeline puts it on the day before…

  1. The timeline also displays today’s transactions as occurring last week.

Also if I click on ‘last week’ to change the range, the display shows ‘February’ not June


The issue with the range is a known issue and on our backlog to be picked up.

Thanks for highlighting it, though! :slightly_smiling_face:

The issue with the transaction appearing on the day before is new to me, but I’m sure I know why that is. I will make a new bug report for it.

Thanks for your help :muscle: and keep it coming. :slight_smile: