25.1.19 - Invite to Test Curve

Thank you for the Invite to take part Curve Beta Test, I have the 2nd email, which I have registered my device with, download the App, then down load the update, but it then fails to install the update. Device is Samsung S8 running Android 8. any suggestions ?

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How did you fix this?

Hi, after a few attempts I removed the Original Curve App. Then discovered on the original mail that it says un-install previous version.

Hi, can anyone on the beta app help me out? Just got the beta app installed but it won’t let me add my amex card, but it has charged £1 to my card every time I’ve tried, so I know the details are correct. Is there something else I need to do to get it to work?

When are the actual invites being sent? I’ve got the T&C’s but have been checking my emails every 5 minutes :joy:

same here - got the terms yesterday, still no actual invite :frowning:

I signed up for the Beta as soon as the form was put up (ie I wasn’t in the original beta). I’ve still had nothing - are more invitations coming out?

Got the term here too, but no Apple’s test flight invite :frowning: Such a tease

It would be great to see that in the terms and conditions :slight_smile:

@Gaoler Is it the same invite for the metal card? If so, does that mean we could joint AMEX Beta without subscription to Metal?

Same invite, I think

I think you can join the beta without signing up for metal, though the email doesn’t exactly make that clear!

Curve heavily pushing Metal here, I suppose

It is the same email. I read it twice and still cannot understand if I have to sign up to Metal to get AMEX Beta at this stage. Just waiting for the separate invite email; hope this will contain more information.

The comms are very confusing, to say the least!

So those of us already on the Amex beta, will we get metal cards as part of this as well?

If you’re on the iPhone, I would expect an update to come through via the TestFlight app. That’s the usual iOS beta process.

@Curve_Marie - I have a related question: I’m currently on Curve Black, and I’ve had the email inviting me to join the Metal beta. It’s good to know I can drop back down to the Legacy Black if I leave the beta, but what about the 4 months free upgrade offer mentioned elsewhere? Would I still be able to benefit from the 4 free months, or does taking part in the beta mean I’d lose that benefit? Seems rather harsh, if so.


Not a great start!

Tried removing and reinstalling original app - get an “Access denied” error when I try to log in with email.

Now that I have downloaded the beta app, and after three attempts, I have managed to convert my account. But now, I’m unable to add an amex card, I tried Lloyds Amex and BA Amex, both are uk issued cards. Please could someone explain what is happening? Thanks @Curve_Marie

Having the exact same problem… seems like the buggiest app ever released! It took me so long just to reverify my Monzo account and now can’t even add the Amex that I’m paying £15 a month for!!