25.1.19 - Invite to Test Curve

Is there anyone still waiting for the link to arrive?
I only received the first email in the 25th

I only got the Beta invite email - nothing else. Finally managed to figure out how to install it, am now on the new Curve Black. Where’s this invite email everyone’s talking about?

I did notice when adding my Amex cards that you are charged a £1 fee and the 2nd amount which is the one that you have to enter when asked by the App. Hope that helps.

You got the invitation or the term and condition email?

that’s all I got

This is mentioned in the first email that all benefits begin once you sign up except for LoungeKey.

I noticed another user saying that they had a problem installing the new app because they didn’t realise that the old app had to be deleted first. Although I have not received the email telling me to do anything (other than the email saying I had been chosen for the beta programme), tonight I deleted the app on my iPhone, reinstalled it, and bingo, I can now add my Amex Rewards card to my wallet. So I presume I have done all that is necessary…?!


First of let me say I love the idea of curve and seems to be working really well. My problem at the moment is that your Amex Wallet doesn’t have enough funds it will automatically fill it with £100 even if the item your buying is £1. I use my Amex for every from buying chewing gum to to much larger purchases and then pay off my amex immediately. So suppose I have a £50 budget for the week and I go and buy a chocolate bar Im then instantly over my budget. I would much prefer curve to only take what is being spent and therefore would be a lot easier and simpler to manage your money. IS ANYONE ELSE BOTHERED ABOUT THIS??

You can turn auto-top up off…?

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Agreed but then I would have to manually top it up for every purchase which isn’t ideal at all. Im sure they could adjust it so they only take for whatever is being charged. @Curve_Marie

Agreed, hit the nail on the head!

Now that Curve Amex / subscriptions has launched to the public, do we just delete the beta app and crashlytics, and install the main Play store app? The FAQ seems to suggest that we have to apply to support to get take off the Beta programme.


@Curve_Marie And same for iOS?

Just tested it on Android, removed the beta version and installed the public version from the PlayStore - its working.

For beta testers… do we need to uninstall the Beta app and install the app from the applicable app store?

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Please delete your beta app and install the public version from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The latest public app is Android v.2.1.1 and iOS is v.3.0.1

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That didn’t really answer my question…

Can’t say for iOS, but on Android, Crashlytics won’t offer an update outside the beta (only what is available inside Crashlytics). So if we need to “update” to what’s on the Google Play store, then we need to delete the app and re-install from the Google Play store.

Yes, remove the beta and reinstall the public version from the Play Store (just tested and is working)
@Curve_Marie can you confirm that the Beta now has been officially ended and no more beta updates will be released via crashlytics?

Cool, I’d imagine it would work, but waiting for official feedback incase there are future beta releases for whatever reason…

I noticed that the curve card in the app is still not available