2x refunds issued at same time, cancelled each other out?

Two refunds were issued by Zipcar to me,
one for £12 (insurance refund) and another one for petrol £35.10

I received a £12 refund into my underlying card and the other one was £23.10, so £12 were deducted from the other refund.

Zipcar claims both refunds have been issued correctly and that was confirmed by two Curve emails at the time.

Curve support obviously not responding to my case after prematurely closing it. Have been waiting for over a week, if not 10 days for a response now to my re-opened case.

Going in circles with idiotic zipcar and curve being unresponsive.

Any ideas what could have gone wrong here?

Weird only thing I find is this The refund I’ve received is incorrect

I guess best option would be to fill the form.

Thanks - I filled out the form. Let’s see if this triggers a response

It triggered an email saying someone is dealing with it on the chat already and again a case was prematurely closed. The y closed a case on the chat prematurely before in regards to that matter.

I now got an idiotic response on the chat from support who didn’t bother reading into the case and just shared information I wasn’t asking for.

After providing non-sense information, I am back at square one and will have to wait for days now to get a response from the next person who doesn’t bother reading through the described issue.

I like the idea of Curve but if I have to spend hours to get a refund back, I feel reluctant to use it more in case issues arise. Not to mention the amex fiasco but that’s a different story.

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Tom from support didn’t bother responding to my follow up message answering his question: “hope this is helpful?”

I will now raise a dispute with the underlying credit card company who can be contacted instantly and were surprisingly eager to help out.

Both companies, Curve and Zipcar are to blame and while I have sympathies for any struggling business post-covid, Curve and zipcar responded to my support requests twice, but didn’t bother reading into the issue in full detail, and I have zero understanding for not doing your job. You are wasting your company’s scarce resources and the most important one, mine.

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