3D Secure not working

Hi guys, i recently invited a friend of mine which got Curve card (waiting for arrival) meanwhile he is trying to use his virtual card, he linked a normal debit card to it but when he is trying to make a purchase which requires 3DSecure, the transaction just fails saying that the Curve card 3DSecure is not working, my friend did this less than 24h ago (he basically tried to make this purchase 2-3 hours after he created his account) is this “normal” or there is something wrong going on?

Hi @Gasico, sorry to hear this wasn’t the best first experience of Curve for your friend!

Usually, we’d expect your friend to be able to begin using their virtual Curve card immediately once they have a payment card verified in the Curve app.

It’s possible this was just poor timing and they were effected by the downtime experienced yesterday.

Or, this may be an account specific issue related to the payment card they’ve added to their Curve wallet or the type of transaction they attempted.

If your friend continues to experience issues then the fastest way for them to find the direct cause is to flag it to our support team. I hope this has helped!

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