3DS MasterCard identity check first by SMS instead of by push notification since 31/07/2021

When are you going to introduce Frictionless Flow through risk-based authentication? 3DS 2.x is designed to support this!

99% of Italian banks ask for a text message to authorize online purchases.

Recently my bank, to authorize online purchases, ask me the password to access the account.

To authorize e-commerce purchases made with your buddybank cards, in addition to the disposable code received via SMS, you must enter an additional code:

  • The access password to the buddybank app

In case of error in typing even only one of the two codes (SMS OTP or access password) you will have to repeat the authorization procedure of the transaction.

For me Curve used a good way to protect online purchases.

I don’t see all these problems. :slight_smile:

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I think this is confusing recent changes: this change was to swap the default method for responding to a 3ds challenge. SMS was already available, and notifications remain available we just choose a different one by default

I agree its a poor experience, though its always important to understand context: we can reach the majority of users with a notification driven design while we complete the work to build an API driven approach which removes this requirement

(100% agree on needing more granularity though, I don’t know if its on a teams roadmap right now but I can check)

Would it not be possible to let us choose the default 3ds verification method for our cards? SMS verification is causing me a lot of declines lately and I would much rather prefer the old push notification method.

The fact you’ve swapped the default would kind of contradict your own argument :wink:

However, I’m not here to argue. I think in future more time needs to be spent on a feature so that it’s rock solid from the start, not rushing something out and then having to deal with the fall out - it only makes you (Curve) look bad and annoy customers.

People will forgive you if it’s an app like WhatsApp, but this is people’s money - they need to know it’s going to work and work every time.


As I understand it that is a limitation of the payment processor which controls the 3ds view, so unfortunately not (at least not when I last worked on 3ds)

Virtually all MasterCard transactions Auth for SMS regardless of financial institution.

Actually find it more convenient TBF

I like the Wise auth page, it gives you the option to choose what method you want to use.

Another problem with SMS is that not everybody when travel outside the EU can afford to pay roaming and just don’t have access to their phone line but they do to their app through wifi. What if, lets say, I’m in Asia, do I have to pay expensive roaming fees to access a sms verification? With the push trough the app method, that has always worked for me, it was simply perfect.

European home networks do not charge roaming charges for receiving SMS anywhere in the world.

But you do raise a very valid point that Curve customers, when travelling, will often use a local SIM card from the visited country rather than their home network’s SIM card, and therefore they will be unable to receive SMS on the number registered with their Curve account. One way around this, especially on iPhones launched since 2018, is to use an eSIM for one’s home network and a physical SIM for the visited country’s network, but getting an eSIM from one’s home network is often impossible, particularly if you’re on prepaid, an MVNO or Three UK which launched eSIM in September 2020 but quickly stopped issuing eSIM without explanation.

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I never pay any roaming fees to receive texts. I have another non UK/EU SIM that I use that also receives texts while roaming at no cost

curve now require a confermation sms for online payment, before you can just use your biometric to allow the payment, it was much better for me. can you add the option to choose between this 2 metod.
also the confermation metod slow down payment in the ‘‘click day’’, where there are limited quantiti and only the faster get the staf. would be nice to been able to allocate an ammount of money that would pass without confermation, only on specific site (lets say 500£ on abcd.com thise week)