3DS message every time I use tank app

Hello, I have deposited the Curve card with a tank app, why do I always get this security message that I have to confirm with every tank operation so that can you somehow turn it off?

I don’t want to have to enter the verification sms every time I refuel …


you cannot turn this off, this is called 3DS.

The Merchant (and Curve) can request you to complete 3DS to make sure you are the real cardholder and not a fraudster.

This also shifts the liability from the Merchant in case of fraud to the issuing bank.


And tanks sounds like a pretty risky business

The rules for 3DS do allow for the whitelisting of merchants to prevent customers needing to complete authentication each time.

Several financial organisations support this, allowing customers to choose the specific retailers they want to whitelist but Curve don’t.

The merchant can request 3DS/SCA whitelisting from the issuer.

This also shifts the liability in case of fraud to the issuer for any transactions under the whitelist condition.

The card user can also request certain merchants are whitelisted from several card issuers (which is what the OP wanted) but not Curve

I know.

I have told him another solution which makes more sense for tank/gas app.

Letting the customer create an exempt list is risky, the issuer is liable then in case of fraud. If the merchant requests whitelisting then the issuer can perform several security checks.