3DS not working?


I have used my card at an online purchase and after tapping pay, I saw a Curve verification screen loading and after that the transaction was performed successfully.
I didn’t have to validate it with the sms code or Curve app authorization prompt.

This is a security issue.

I have seen this behavior more than once. In the past I was always asked to insert the verification code.

Tried to contact Curve in the app but without success.

Any suggestion?


Happens to me with smaller purchases eg. municipal transport using GPay. I do not see this as an issue.



I also don’t mind for small transaction values, but one of them was 250 euros and for this kind of values I think we should have the additional security layer.

It’s like contactless. I’m OK for values under 50 euros but above that or recurring small values, pin validation must be required.

Email: support@curve.com
Twitter: @AskCurve

Thanks. Will ping them.

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