3DS or some alternative

I had a declined online purchase because of missing 3DS and had to use another card. Starting to lose faith in Curve…


Most important for curve now are 3D secure
They now have google pay, samsung pay
Apple pay, probably around the corner

But it lack in online use


So this STILL hasn’t been sorted?!

Have we had any explanation why they are refusing to enable this essential (and basic) feature?

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@Curve_TCB recently wrote this:

In the reply to

So we hope we’ll see the 3DS before the end of the year :slight_smile:


Let’s hope so!

How’s it looking, will we get 3DS this year?

Highly doubt it will be this year. Possibly 2020. :+1:t4:

“Possibly 2020” is a long span and quite doubtful phrasing. Not having this creates quite many blockers also here in Finland.


Still waiting for 3DS! Would appreciate knowing what is taking so long?

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Today I couldn’t pay a Renfe ticket :ticket: (Spain Government railways company), because it doesn’t support 3DS secured payments. Once again, I chose a traditional visa card.

I wonder why I continue with Curve, as it’s not possible operate as ‘the only one’.


good thing is that they have 3ds in their bucket list then :wink:

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Any updates on the schedule?
Not having 3DS is blocking quite many things in Finland also.

And it’s blocking almost ALL transactions here in Austria :frowning_face:


Any idea if this is worked as a priority ? Is limitating a lot the use of Curve :frowning:


90% of all my transactions are online and on 3ds requiring sites.

This would be the next best thing that curve will include


3DS should be next as xPay is now out of the door. Here’s to hoping 3DS is out in the first quarter of 2020.

3DS should be a priority but xPay is only out the door if you’re in the UK or if you have an iPhone.

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I got excited today when I received email that there is 3DS available. What I realised later it was not from Curve but from other fintech :man_shrugging:

What fintech is that ?

@chevignon93: I sent you PM.