3DS or some alternative

3DS should be a priority but xPay is only out the door if you’re in the UK or if you have an iPhone.

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I got excited today when I received email that there is 3DS available. What I realised later it was not from Curve but from other fintech :man_shrugging:

What fintech is that ?

@chevignon93: I sent you PM.

This is urgent.

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Yes, this ist really important.
I absolutely cannot understand, how this problem can take so long to resolve. This is really making curve useless…

Why should I use a credit card, which can´t be used for payment? :thinking:

At least, give us a real roadmap…


What I have been asking continuously a reality check :slight_smile:

I totally agree. It’s frustrating to not have access to Google Pay or Samsung Pay because I’m not in the UK, but I can’t understand Curve not having 3DS when it markets itself as the only card you need.


I got an email from my card issuer stating that online merchants in Europe will soon start solely accepting 3DS payments when using a Mastercard which is becoming quite unfortunate if you want to use Curve with those services.

3DS support is getting more and more mandatory and it would be awesome seeng some traction here! Are there any updates for us @Curve_Marie? :slight_smile:

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Yes! :smiley:


It’s alive!!! We've launched 3DS!