3DS verification SMS

Issue: 3DS verification sms does not arrive during online payments (Hungarian Mobile Phone number, Vodafone). BIN 5375 9005…

How to reproduce it: make an online payment and then request for verification sms

OS: Android 11

Device: Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

App version: 3.14.0


I don’t speak Hungarian, but I believe there is a dedicated topic on this subject.

Hello @poeliev,
I thought it might have a link. Yet, in my case, this is regular online payment (not connected to SimplePay) on the EU/out of EU source for services/products. It’s very strange that they have connected Curve Card BIN.

Though the title suggests it only affects SimplePay I believe also other online payments might be affected (again I don’t speak Hungarian :blush:, so excuse me if this clearly isn’t the case).

I do not speak Hungarian either :frowning:
Google helped :smiley:

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Same here in Czech Republic. I can see the same screen as screenshotted in OP, but verification SMS never arrives.

Operator: T-Mobile
Payment Gate: Global Payments Europe

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Hello @nicb @ricardosousa @Skarra. Kindly advise if you have any updates on this. I have been struggling with this issue since the 20th of April, and minimal response from Curve Support. It would be great if DevOps could look at this. I appreciate any help you can provide.

Curve V 3.15.2 (31502000)

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