3DS verification SMS

Mobil.cz here as well and the same issue. Except no sms at all, not even after 15 mins.

I also have a Slovak O2 number, after switching to that one it works.

Curve, any update on this???

Same problem here.
Czech operator (tmobile.cz)

I got only told from support to check my notification settings and app permissions, but thats no use when as more of you written there is no option for in app verification. I replied back and no reply from Curve since then. My card is totally new got it last week and in physical transactions works fine.

CZ / TMo
I got “a dedicated team is now looking into your support case” from the support yesterday.

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Switched off RCS, changed my phone# back and forth, still no change.

Same issue here in Romania (Orange). Verification SMS never arrives and support is useless

I have the same problem, the sms never arrives when I try to make a payment and and this is the only option that I have to complete the payment.

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I got reply from Curve support (via app) that they “unblocked my account” and indeed now I get SMS confirmation codes.

I still do miss being able to confirm transaction in-app (more secure and convenient) but at least now I can use the card again…

Did not get a reply from support but yesterday evening I was able to pay as the SMS arrived.

Well for me the issue is still ongoing unfortunatly. :frowning: It looks like curve doesnt care at all

Hmm, today it’s not working. Somebody’s fiddling with something @curve.

I’m not receiving 3DS SMSs too :cry: (CZ/T-Mobile). My wife is receiving 3DS SMSs just fine (CZ/O2). :incoming_envelope: We both have CZ BIN Curve cards almost the same old (± month). :credit_card:

I asked Curve support :phone: to re-enable in-app 3DS prompts for me and now I have got 2 options whenever I pay online :computer: - send SMS code or confirm in Curve app. The latter works perfectly :partying_face: and very comfortably (I do not have to write any code). :+1:


Just asked them to do this for me!

So that’s it? We just ask Curve support to enable the in-app 3DS auth? I wonder why don’t they offer this solution proactively upon opening a ticket? Or better simply just enable it for everyone?

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is it possible to ask this? i’ll try as well…

maybe it’s a kind of optimization of resources, who knows… maybe too much in-app auths cause some trouble in curve’s systems, that’s why sms is default now. but a few users who request this option for themselves probably ok

i also tried to ask for the in-app option, however without success. certain users can have this option, others not :slight_smile: strange…

The in-app messaging (and notifications) is utterly broken as well - I don’t get any notifications regarding replies from support.

Same here, no notification of any kind when support replies in the chat. (Android)

Hello All,
Any update on SMS verification for 3DS @poeliev @HNF-01 @wojtek @Dann @tygger @JoshuaBoots or still the same?
Thank you in advance!

For me the SMS always arrived, but since recently I also have been given the option to do verification in the Curve app.