3DS verification SMS

Hello @poeliev,
I thought it might have a link. Yet, in my case, this is regular online payment (not connected to SimplePay) on the EU/out of EU source for services/products. It’s very strange that they have connected Curve Card BIN.

Though the title suggests it only affects SimplePay I believe also other online payments might be affected (again I don’t speak Hungarian :blush:, so excuse me if this clearly isn’t the case).

I do not speak Hungarian either :frowning:
Google helped :smiley:

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Same here in Czech Republic. I can see the same screen as screenshotted in OP, but verification SMS never arrives.

Operator: T-Mobile
Payment Gate: Global Payments Europe

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Hello @nicb @ricardosousa @Skarra. Kindly advise if you have any updates on this. I have been struggling with this issue since the 20th of April, and minimal response from Curve Support. It would be great if DevOps could look at this. I appreciate any help you can provide.

Curve V 3.15.2 (31502000)

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Same here. Verification SMS never arrives. It’s very frustrating, I am unable to pay online :frowning:

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And I thought I was the only one. Haven’t used Curve online for a while but since a couple of days I can’t make any payment - same situation with the same window (and no option to use “Authorise in Curve app”!). sms/text never arrives.

Poland, VirginMobile (basically P4/Play).

Other sms/text works just fine.

Curve, please fix it ASAP!

Reply from Curve support:

How I read it: they’re aware of the issue, but only a small number of customers are affected, so it’s not a priority to fix it (no ETA).

This is bollox! And virtually makes Curve useless for majority of online transactions!

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to all affected users: old UK BIN cards have this issue, who knows why. you need to request a new national BIN card (HUN, CZ, PL etc.) and your payments will go through again

Sorry @tygger my card with CZ BIN is affected too.

Not sure if that’s the case here. I had old UK BIN card but requested new one (with new design) February this year and was using this new card with PL BIN number ever since. It worked just fine till about 2 weeks ago? Before I was even able to switch to in-app authorisation, which was more secure (and reliable) IMHO…

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I still have my UK bin card. So it seems the bin doesn’t matter, both UK and national bin card users can be affected by this issue…

Meanwhile I tried to change my phone number to a different one in the app, and it seems to be working; I received the SMS code and was able to finish my online payment. So I guess I’ll use this workaround for now.

Same here…I do not understand. It’s basic functionality.
I wonder what has happened to your previous phone number - it’s “not accepted by Curve”?
I posted a request on Linkedin - since their replies are lightning-fast.

I have the same issue. It’s either no SMS at all or I have to wait 10-15 minutes, which in some cases is too long and my transaction is cancelled while waiting for the verification SMS to arrive.

Czech mobile operator (Mobil.cz), UK BIN.

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Not sure why Curve have reverted back to using the SMS over the App authentication? Backwards decision.


Generally, it’s bizarre that essential functions do not work as they should. On the other hand, support chat did very limitedly or no help.

I believe that the UK bin has nothing to do about it.

Mobil.cz here as well and the same issue. Except no sms at all, not even after 15 mins.

I also have a Slovak O2 number, after switching to that one it works.