3DS Verification Went through without Authorisation

Not sure if this is a bug, but when I tried to pay online using my Curve card earlier today, I was prompted with a message on the payment page which asked me to approve it on Curve app. I opened my Curve app, but there was no pop up message or anything which asks me to authorize the transaction. I closed and reopened the app a few times but it remained the same. I decided to cancel the payment after a few trials and surprisingly the payment went through after I cancelled the payment. Any thoughts?

hm, that shouldnt happen when you receive the prompt for 3ds
However, I can confirm that 3ds is enabled, even when its not shown, I believe Mastercard / Curve / Card issuer / … run some sort of probability and then decides whether to show 3ds prompt or not.
When I run my own card through a merchant payment module I saw:
“Card/Cardholder eliglbe for 3-D authentication process.”
“Proof of authentication attempt was generated.”

Out of curiousity, I just wonder if there’s a dedicated in-app pop-up after you login your Curve app where you will have to press a button to authorise the transaction or you just simply login your Curve app and that approves the transaction? What I experienced was definitely the latter case. The payment page gave me 5 minutes to approve it on Curve app, but it went through without me authorising anything on the app.

I get a dedicated pop-up after logging in whenever I have to authorise a transaction

Thanks. Good to know!

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