3DS - Visa/Mastercard 3D Secure

I’ve already been in contact with customer support regarding this, so just posting here to create more awareness and the need for 3DS to be implemented.

I’m in Asia much of the year and as such I use GRAB for transport, shopping, takeaway food, courier services. Grab is like Uber x10 - in fact they bought Uber’s Asian operation about 2 years ago.

I’ve been using curve with Grab no problem for several years now, but just recently Grab upgraded their security and now I cannot use their service at all with Curve- they told me and Curve confirmed that the card is not compliant with 3DS :frowning:

Please can we have this resolved sooner rather than later, as Grab is an essential tool - in fact the most essential app I have on my phone - I use it more than anything else for business and pleasure.

The response I got from CS is that it’s on their ‘roadmap’, but are not able to provide any timeframe.
Looking at the history on the message board I can see this is an issue that’s affected curve users for over 1 year now. I guess i’ve been lucky, but now it’s a real and actually quite big problem for me - ie i have to pay the ridiculous ‘non-sterling transaction fees’ imposed by my business bank.

Thank you.

You can vote for that here:

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