3rd Wave of Beta Testers - Apply by 19:15

For everyone who would like to apply to join the 3rd wave of Beta Testing, please follow this link:


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I’m guessing this is UK only?

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Just got into the beta and was wondering can I now pay a credit card bill with my curve card with amex selected? What are the limitations if any?

I got an email today from Team Curve about Beta testing, asking me to fill in a form. I did that, but haven’t had any further emails or details on how to actually get the beta app. Have I missed something?

I had the same invite. Shortly after receiving the invite and completing the form I received another email with a link to download the beta app. Hope this helps

So I’ve actually accepted the invite. I’m curious how the free amex top-up works out with my expenditure and it will inevitably change the way I spend on my curve card.

This appears to mean I’ve lost my grandfathering rights but if it doesn’t work out I guess I’ll be dropping to curve blue and chalk my £75 joining fee up to a really expensive wallet and I’ll try and max out my monthly amex allowance during the trial period.

Re: metal that appears to be available to subscribe to within the beta app right now. Is that a mistake or actually a service on offer and how does that work for the beta? E.g. it’s showing £14.99 a month at the moment but is that a real price from the moment I register Or is it free/reduced for the beta period?

If you’ve not subscribed to Metal yet then you shouldn’t have lost your grandfathering rights.

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Ah that’s nice. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve just subscribed to metal and the first payment of £14.99 was charged instantly. I’ve had email confirmation including my insurance documents.

So I’ve downloaded the Beta app but it’s unable to update my Curve app - I’m using a Google Pixel 3. Help!

Oh, nevermind. I figured it out. You have to uninstall the original curve app, then download the beta.

Correct, glad you got it sorted!

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@Curve_Marie is there any way of getting onto the beta program? As I posted earlier I had an email asking me to fill in a form yesterday, but nothing further.

The link doesn’t work for me.

I’ll check with the Product Team what their criteria are. One of them is having a UK Amex card.

If you reply to the email they can check what’s going on and send you a new link :slight_smile:

I definitely have a UK Amex, but the form I was sent didn’t ask that, just name, email address etc

I’m trying to signup to the beta test.

Kind Regards

Muhammad Sobur

Hi, I have been invited for the 3rd wave beta and topped up £1000 to the Amex wallet. Total taken from Amex = (£1,006.50, including the 0.65% fee) However, the balance of the Amex wallet is still £0. It shows that the curve top up worked (under curve app transactions on the amex) and the £1006.50 has also been charged to the Amex. I also can’t use the card (tried online and in-store) as it says the card has insufficient funds. Any reason why this would be?

Also, will the 3rd wave of beta testers be eligible for the 6 months black/4 months metal subscription?