£4.99 Curve standard card delivery fee

Just seen the terms and conditions that have been amended today, and it would appear that I am about to be charged £4.99 to have my curve card delivered when the old one expires in July.

I have therefore sent an email off to cancel my account.

The card is due to be sent in 14 days or so. Hopefully my account will be cancelled by then.


The delivery fee doesn’t apply when a card is reissued due to expiration, that’s for free:

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Thanks for the reply.

Why can Curve not make that clear on their T&Cs?

To be honest, I’ve had enough of having to wade through their shady never ending T&C updates for hidden charges, and I still want to leave.


I’ve had a reply from their customer support team.

Instead of cancelling my card, they want to know why I want to leave. And then I get the blah blah Curve is great, followed by the condesending bit about ‘If you don’t understand how Curve works’ etc., followed by ‘Please let us know how you wish to proceed’

I don’t think I could have been clearer. PLEASE CANCEL MY CARD!

If they can’t deal with a simple request, then thank goodness I never had any real problems with the card in the time I had it, as I would hate to have to deal with all this ‘online chat’ nonsense on a tiny mobile phone screen. Very unprofessional.

They just can’t accept that I no longer want to be part of Curve. Hope I don’t have to fight too hard to get my account cancelled.


To be fair you don’t have to cancel Curve if you are using Curve Free*, just stick it in a drawer and forget about it.

*If you’re using a paid subscription then absolutely cancel it to avoid being charged annually/monthly.

Very well put, lol.

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I hope this is true