4 x declines in Tesco at POS but shows as pending in app?

4 x declines using Curve Card in Tesco petrol station this afternoon via Tesco Pay +.

Tesco Pay+ app shows as failed / declined yet they are pending on underlying card and on Curve App.

Is this to do with the issues Curve has been having today ? The comms seem to suggest outright decline but amounts are pending on Underlying card and in Curve app.

Hello, there’s been a few known issue with some Tesco transactions over the years, the pending amounts should be refunded to you within 3-5 days.

You can contact support if you’d like them to speed it up too!

Thanks Dann!

The transactions have cleared in my Curve app and in the underlying card. Which is slightly concerning. But hopefully it can be sorted out without having to go through a dispute.

No reaction from support since I contacted them on this matter Friday afternoon.

@Dann have you any steer on current wait times from Support?

I am nearly £300 out here and radio silence from support. Metal subscriber also.

You’re best off just chilling for a week, rather than getting stressed and trying (but failing) to get a response from Curve.

Probably but a) it shouldn’t be like this and b) £300 circa is a lot to be out through no fault of my own.

But thank you for reading my post :slight_smile:

Still no reaction from Curve Support in spite of chasing.

You’re totally correct, but Curve don’t offer proper customer support in the UK currently so there’s not much you can do without expending an awful lot of effort, that will take almost as long for an intervention as the automatic cancellation of the fees by Aqua.

@Curve_Joel anything you can do to push my support ticket along?

Now had a response from Curve, should have everything back to normal by end of week.

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