£45 charge to replace Curve metal card

A few days ago I was a victim of fraud. My Curve metal card was compromised.

I immediately contacted my banks/PayPal and Curve to inform them and cancel my Curve card where my Curve Metal card details were compromised. They all agreed I should cancel my card and get a new card as everything on my Curve metal card was fraudulently obtained even my CVC number.

Curve replied… a little slow I think the process for lost and stolen card reporting needs to be better on the app.

However my issue is this” Please note that in this instance, I’m happy to send you a new card free of charge. However, as per our Terms of Service (see here - section 14.2) next time we reissue your card we’ll be charging a fee of £45. This amount goes towards the cost of replacing your card”

They wish to charge me £45 if I was to lose my card.

Dear Curve, I cannot promise I won’t be a victim of fraud again.

Dear Curve, I cannot guarantee I won’t lose my card in the future even though this was my 1st time.

Dear Curve, how can you say this policy in your terms and conditions is fair in treating in customers fairly by telling them they have to pay £45 for a replacement Curve metal card?

I didn’t ask for a Literal “Metal“ Curve card, I just wanted the features and benefits of Curve Metal and pay for the service which I pay.

You are basically forcing me to abide to this and your terms when I have no no choice on the option for a plastic Metal Curve card. You make enough money from subscribers of your Curve metal Service so set aside some money for this and don’t Impose a £45 fee it’s WRONG.

Get your act together and fix your T&C otherwise I will need to consider if I wish to remain a loyal customer and investor of Curve.

This is an open discussion, guys anyone else affected and what’s your opinion?


I thought I remembered reading before in this community on this subject, so I did a quick search. It looks like the replacement policy was worse in the past, charging £50 for the first replacement opposed to £45 for the second replacement as it is now. As someone in the linked topic suggested this (£45 for a 2nd replacement) it might even be that Curve changed their policy (partly) because of that post/topic.


Yes as far I was aware at the time, something was amended. I still feel that £45 is too steep, especially for the first time one requires a replacement.
Like I mentioned in that thread, is it still expected that you have to sell the story that you’ve suspect your card was stolen and will be used fraudulently to qualify for a free replacement, as opposed to being honest and admitting that you were absent minded and just lost it?
No one will bother contacting the police, since they will advise to contact your card issuer and block the card (which every curve card holder can do in the app already).

Why should I have to lie to fraudulently get a replacement card?

Basically my honestly will cost me £45 every time.

I’m thinking of taking this to the ombudsman I think I have a valid case.

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Card issuers are liable for fraudulent transactions. Therefore if a card’s details are compromised, then card issuers usually choose to reissue cards to avoid losses for the card issuer. Ultimately Curve will choose to do the same and reissue cards. If Curve makes the decision to replace the card, as other card issuers do, then Curve cannot charge a fee.

Curve didn’t charge you the £45 fee, so you have no grounds to complain to the FOS. You can’t complain to the Ombudsman about T&Cs that haven’t yet caused you any detriment.


Could we have some clarification please as this is worrying.
How did you know the Curve card was compromised; how did you know what details were taken; were any transactions made/money taken; why did you contact your banks/paypal; have any of the underlying cards been compromised; did your banks cancel their respective cards or did they just advise you to cancel the Curve card; did Curve support advise you to cancel your underlying bank cards; if any money was, taken did Curve reimburse it?

Put in a formal complaint about it they must look at it and respond officially

I received this same reply by Curve when my card’s Contactless stopped working like 2 months ago

Got a replacement but they did mention that the second time I “might” be charged.

I believe this word “might” has always an arguable case behind. I am positive that if I’m victim of fraud in the near future curve won’t charge me for that second card as it’s not really my fault.

I heard (from somewhere) that these metal cards can cost the issuer something like £70 each to produce.

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I suspect that this is an average cost, and not a marginal cost. When determining any fee for a replacement card, the marginal cost is more significant.

I had the exact same problem and the same template response.

I get they need to cover themselves against customers being careless with a product that’s expensive to manufacture, but I’m flat out not paying if two contactless chips in a row mysteriously stop working - a problem I’ve never had with any other card.

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Just reading this thread and it’s interesting to see that a few people appear to have issues with the contactless on the metal cards? My girlfriend recently signed up for Metal (I am still on black) and from day 1 the contactless has been temperamental. One day it will, an hour later (for example) it won’t. Curve have offered to replace free of charge, but I get the sense all Metal customers have a ‘free card’ before then having to pay the charge on every occasion. Not really sure it should be the customers fault if the cards are not performing how they should and should then be expected to foot such a bill to replace?

For me the best solution here is for Curve prioritise virtual cards. If I have physical + virtual cards, I would use the virtual card for maybe 95% of my transactions, meaning the risk of losing the physical card is almost nil and if my virtual card is compromised, it’s just a few clicks to delete it and get a new one.

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Do we really not think the real issue is that £45 for a card is ridiculous? There is no way anyone will actually pay that so why threaten it?

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You can always cancel Metal membership and downgrade to Blue, then immediately upgrade back to Metal for free Metal Card replacement, granted you don’t lose your card for first 6 months of Metal membership. :sweat_smile:

I’m unsure after cursory research whether that is the case with the Ombudsman (it isn’t clear), but the FCA might be interested if it is an unfair contractual term?

45£ is ok in my eyes.
The production cost of a metal card is between 30-60£ depending on the Volume.

Only in the case of loss or theft, or do you believe that £45 is merited also in other circumstances? If so, what circumstances and why?

Cases i would pay 45£, if its my fault:

  • Lost Card
  • Stolen Card/Fraud
  • Damaged Card
    Curve should only pay if its their fault.
    Ex. wrong card issued