£45 contactless limit

Hi, does using the curve card with GPay allow you to pay over the £45 UK contactless limit. I’ve linked my Halifax Debit card to curve and set curve as default on GPay. Halifax limit GPay users to the £45 limit with there debit card so I was wondering if curve would bypass this and allow payment over the limit. Anyone have experience of this being the case.?

Hey @MEvans74, welcome to the Community!

Contactless limits are set by Mastercard / the FCA but It’s actually the POS terminal that decides whether to allow the transaction or not. So for example, in the UK the FCA has increased the contactless threshold from £45 to £100, but not many shops will actually allow a £100 transaction.

Curve allows up to the regulatory limits (£100 for the UK) but the retailer may not allow it.

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I have used my Credit Card and Monzo card with Curve for transcations of £200 and £150 pounds with GPAY and Garmin Pay.

It depends in the end on the floor limit for cards in the retailer.


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