48 hour advance investing for member? Yeh right

“We launch tomorrow at 10 AM. […] We’ll email you a private link at 10 AM to give you access.”

Well that didn’t work, did it? Why was the same link published on https://www.curve.app/en-gb/invest at the same time?

So much for treating loyal supporters right.

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Hi @jwiltshire. Thanks for reaching out. The Register Interest site has and always was open to all customers to pre-register their interest. Now that the campaign is privately live, we still need the link to available to those who would like to register interest. We deemed this the fairest method possible. Hope this makes sense?

No, it does not make sense. The main site https://curve.app advertises the crowd fund, and links to https://www.curve.app/en-gb/invest, which links to the Crowdcube “private link”. They’re all public. How is that keeping a 48-hour early investment window for customers?

charlie.hammond, if we invested just after the target was reached will the investment still be accepted and red investor card still issued?

It’s private in the sense that you can’t find it on Crowdcube unless you know the link:

That’s not private. You wouldn’t even know to try looking at Crowdcube if you hadn’t been to the other pages first.

I didn’t know Crowd Cube even existed until Curve started banging on about it a few weeks ago!

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