£50 Metal Card Replacement Charge?! (& card replacement costs in general)

Ok so I received the updated terms mailer just now. My experience with Curve has been great so far, and I’ve found the community forum really useful. I’ve felt like I needed to post something until now.
Is anyone else out there thinking that £50 is a VERY expensive charge to replace a metal card. I am very careful and pretty diligent regarding my personal effects however £50 seems incredibly steep for a replacement.
Revolut charges the same, however should you be looking to copy that as an industry standard? I can’t see how that is the actual cost of administration and manufacture in all fairness.
If stolen then what proof is required?
What does ‘used dishonestly’ mean in this context.


The cost of the Metal cards is actually really high.

Generally speaking, when something gets stolen, you file a police report and that works as proof.


Thanks for the prompt reply Marie
Is it possible to expand on the ‘card will be replaced if used dishonestly’ - I’m not sure what this means sorry?
I can’t even recall the last time I misplaced a card however I would though that perhaps offering a grace on the first loss might be more appropriate, or sliding scale e.g. £15 first time, £50 thereafter.

Will gather more info and write an update here ASAP :slight_smile:

I don’t think a police report for a stolen card is worth making unless I’ve actually lost money.

If I notice my card is gone and I’m on a night out I’m not going to be able to provide any useful information to the police. Regularly I would just order a new card.

Now I have to report it to the police and spend extra time for Curve to replace my card?

Would Curve be able to do something like 1 free metal replacement a year, as a grace for first loss and offer unlimited free replacements should they give you a Curve black card (which is plastic) (but still keep the metal benefits)

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This raises a pretty good point - unless the theft of the card was part of a wider personal theft e.g. mugging it perhaps wouldn’t be appropriate reporting it to the police in the first instance.
it’s easy to render Curve (and other similar cards) useless by switching them off in the app.
In the circumstance where one leaves a card in the terminal at the supermarket, store or in a cash machine and someone dishonest takes the card, is it worth reporting?
I think people are more likely (based on my anecdotal experience with friends) to leave the card on a table somewhere or in a machine. Most are used to calling the card issuer and then getting the replacement ordered - no need to involve the police etc and waste their time.

As Recchan says, I think it would be good to offer a choice - pay a sum to receive a replacement metal card, or opt for free replacement of a black card with the metal benefits.


An option to get a free plastic card instead would certainly make it a bit less objectionable. Otherwise the customers paying the highest subscription fees are the ones who have to pay most if they lose their card. Seems backwards.

Also, what if the card stops working? Surely that should be replaced for free?


That may work for certain things in support of an insurance claim.

However, in the UK (at least), the police advise that misding bank cards be reported to the financial instution that issued it - not to them - and they are not going to be impressed if Curve suggest you report to them instead (absent evidence of fraud etc.)


There’s nothing I can see in the new terms to suggest you have to provide a police report or incident number, so would be nice to hear Curve’s exact policy on how to distinguish between lost and stolen.

I might think I’ve lost the card, but not be sure it hasn’t been stolen. What happens then?


Oh no, I’d lock it anyway - but what would I get charged for a replacement…

What if I had lost it, then you stole it! :joy:


I think Curve should back-track on this and consult both law enforcement (and find out if they want to actually deal with this if there’s no fraud in there) and see if it’s just easier to issue the plastic for free and charge for metal cards after a one time grace.


All of the above are valid points and I’ve a of concern myself - What happens if the card itself malfunctions? My existing card has recently been failing contactless payments (not registering the car no matter which part of the card I use) so what happens in a case like such where the card stops functioning at no fault of my own?
Considering we already pay £15/m, £50 is definitely steep (and completely unnecessary) without at least a similar feature to the black card (1 replacement/year)
I appreciate there’s still time for change but I don’t like what this says about the company and where it’s going…

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That’s a a very interesting point. Here in Portugal the law says that if the card needs replacing for any reason not imputable to the cardholder no fees can be charged

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My current bank attempts to replace my lost/stolen card within 36 hours with the option of 2k cash advance, organised to be delivered to any branch, worldwide (You can probably guess which) but I think having a safety net like that is probably far better than just a fee to replace a card.

Should be implemented into an EU Directive tbh.

I’m curious, what bank is this? But yeah I think Curve should offer cash advance to a Western Union branch if they’re going to market themselves as the 1 card you need in your wallet deal. If I lose my 1 card I’m screwed :frowning:

Still, a fee to replacing the card is kind of laughable, especially when they’re based in the UK and not a single bank I can name charges for this besides ones that charge for cards to begin with and N26 (although they have a single free replacement, not for metal)

Even Revolut AFAIK will replace your metal card once a year for free.

N26 offer the first card for free then €45 afterwards for metal

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I am in total disbelief, it seems to me that the holder of the card black have a much better deal. The day I lose my metal card will be the final month of my subscription payments!!!


These are all good questions and scenarios that should be addressed. I’ll check in with the team on Monday and will write an update here

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What do you all think of that as a policy?

I get that’s its costly to produce the card and 1 free replacement for loss seems fair. If I lose it again wellthat’s kind of my fault. They are a similar car but charge £10 less. I don’t know how much these cost to produce but £50 is at bit high. I signed up to n26 metal before curve so will be deciding which one to carry on with depending on which I see the higher value