800€ refund stuck on crypto.com (CDC) Credit Card

first of all, I don’t know if the problem is with Curve or crypto.com. But a refund of more than 800€ (From Curve to Crypto.com) was never credited to my Crypto.com account. I know some of you guys use Crypt.com too and maybe you had similiar issues and can help me.

I explained everything in detail and with a lot of screenshots on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Crypto_com/comments/rujw7o/refund_of_800_missing_for_over_a_month_now/) check it out if you can.

Long story short:

I purchased something with two orders 990€ each (990+990).

I had to send most of the stuff from both orders back. Resulting in TWO partial refunds 821,70€ and 841,50€ from Paypal to Curve. It seemed like Curve refunded the whole amount within one big refund of 1663,20 (841,50 + 821,70) to my crypto.com credit card.

But the Curve support told me they initiated two refunds 841,50 and 821,70 and also provided two ARN’s of the refund transactions. So it shouldn’t be a problem for the crypto.com system.

Until today I received the refund of 841,50€ but not the refund of 821,70€. Both transactions show up on crypto.com but the 821,70€ refund is somehow “stuck”. Let me explain:

When Curve refunds back to Crypto.com usually 3 Transaction show up:

  1. Pending Credit Transaction POS Sign
  2. Reversal Transaction [Pending Credit Transaction]
  3. POS Signature Return International → This is the transaction where the actual refund happens. Meaning: The funds are available again.

On the next screenshot you can see that the 841,50€ refund went through (3 Transactions) but with the 821,70 refund only the first transaction (Pending Credit Transaction POS Sign) shows up.

After one month the second transaction of the 821,70€ refund showed up:

Since then nothing happens and the refund is still stuck. On reddit some people told me that this is caused by Curve and also can be fixed by them. But as I wrote at the beginning, according to Curve both refunds went through.

Not sure what to do. The Crypto.com support is incompetent and useless (sorry for my wording). I talked to 15 different agents and my case was escalated like 30 times to different departments all with different contradictory results. The last guy first told me (I kid you not) that they can see that the 821,70 transaction is only a pending one and therefore never through and therefore never left my account. After I asked how a refund I get from Curve never left my account he changed the story and told me that he can see that the refund went through with the transaction on 17th of december. All conversations with Crypto.com were like that.

Anyway hopefully someone can help. Also thank you for reading till the end ;).

I have just finished reading your post here and on Reddit…quite a story!

For what it’s worth:

I have also had my encounters with the Curve - Crypto.com combination (more than once) and the way refunds (and Gbit transactions) show up in the Crypto.com app.
On a specific refund transaction, luckily for me for only €0,83, I had:

  • Nr 1 transaction Pending Credit Transaction POS Sign show up on 11 February
  • Nr 2 transaction Reversal Transaction [Pending Credit Transaction] on 12 February
  • and here it comes the number 3 Transaction POS Signature Return International only showed up, more than one month later on 14 March.

So I just hope for you the nr 3 transaction also will show up 1 month and 2 days after transaction 2, because that would mean you will be refunded today. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for reading everything, I know it’s a lot to read ;).

Honestly I don’t have much hope that the last transaction will show up automatically. I don’t think that the refund can take more than two months since crypto.com told me in November refunds can take max up to a month.

I would be fine with waiting too, but talking and arguing with the crypto.com support is so nerve wrecking…