A good laugh with Curve!

I had a really good laugh with Curve today!
Got an email, which said:

Hey Peter,
You were really enjoying your cashback rewards. Lucky for you, the fun doesn’t have to be over! Double the excitement by upgrading to Curve Black or Curve Metal.

That was a really good one! I mean, I had exactly zero cashback, and it has been expired off my card half a year ago anyway. But, surely, I was really enjoing it, in the theoretical sense, and I have been continuously lucky to have the possibility, while, of couse, my fun was quite abstract. :smile:

Be positive! Have fun!

And from now on Curve will double my cashback for free! I can hardly wait! :wink:


If you have zero cashback, I am happy to beat Curve’s offer and quadruple it for you :smile:

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Haha :rofl: Your feedback has been taken onboard @grin :smile:


Sounds like a good deal! Send the card to my postal address please! :wink: