A love letter for CURVE

Dear Curve,
It is now more than two years since we started our journey together. We had beautiful moments, many plans and a bright future.
I loved you so much (I still do!) and dreamed of a life together.
You have always been next to me when I needed you and I missed you every time that, for whatever reason, you were not close.

But now you have changed. You are not the same anymore: you don’t answer my messages and, when you do, you don’t listen to my words.
I feel neglected and abandoned by you.

Please: listen to me, help me! Tell me you have not changed. Tell me you are still the same and we can still dream of a future together.
Give me some demonstration that you really care!

Otherwise, you won’t let me have any other choice than saying: “Goodbye”.

With love,


Tru love :credit_card::heart: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

🤳 🪤🕳🙈

Don’t you want me
Don’t you need my time
Don’t you need me
Don’t you feel alright

Seems I’ve been waiting for so long
It’s been so hard yo carry on
Our love will never fade away
You know we’re just waiting for a sign
I need a chance to make you mine
You can’t forget all that jolly days

Don’t you want me
Don’t you need my time
Don’t you need me
Don’t you feel alright

I can’t deny what’s in my mind
You are the rythm of my life :arrow_left: Curve :rofl:
Is love, I had belong to you?

These thoughts are coming from my heart
Please take my hands we’ll go so far
I’ll show you what I want to do

=:mailbox_with_mail::mailbox::memo: :slightly_smiling_face:

Andrea, well done, you have hit their soft spot! I hope they take your words to heart and sort things for its loyal customers!
As a Crowdfundng Investor I have applied through the appropriate Curve channels to have “Crowdfunding Investor” added to my user name. However simple things like this seem to have beaten them!
They do so want to be taken seriously in the financial market but find it hard to attend to the simple things!! (Like sorting out out email acknowledgment of transactions!)
Come on Curve you must do better!


Seriously speaking, the fact is that I really love CURVE, and I use it every day.
I believe it is a fantastic product with huge potential.
Yet it is failing miserably.

I’ve never seen a company with so much potential fail like this: the only reason I see for this to happen is outstandingly poor management. It is like winning 100 million euros at the lottery and managing them so badly to become poor the day after.

If I’m right, the only ways we can have CURVE survive are:

  1. The current CTO leaves or
  2. Some bigger company with better management buys CURVE.

[2] is what I don’t get: why no-one has still bought CURVE? A company with such a good product and an affectionate user base should be much desirable.

Could the business model be unsustainable even if the product is so good for us users?
That would explain everything: why CURVE is failing, why no one cares about buying it and why no one else is implementing the same idea.