A quicker way of upgrading to Curve Black?


I just wanted to ask if there was a quicker way of upgrading to Curve Black without having to email your support?
I’ve already sent them an email with my request, but I’m worried that I won’t get a response on this for a little while, due to my previous experience of emailing your support team and having to wait a week to hear back from them.

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If it is any use to you, I opened a ticket to upgrade on the 12th, got a reply on the 13th (Saturday), confirmed I wanted to upgrade and gave payment details on 14th and received my card yesterday on the 17th. All in all a decent turn around personally, and I’ve never had to wait more than 1-2 days for a reply on my tickets. Perhaps you had bad luck and messaged them just when there was a massive wave of tickets being generated, like when Amex beta was released?

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Hello @Kiroziki, wishing you a warm welcome to the community!

You’ve already done the quickest and most correct thing to get your upgrade. If the support team doesn’t reply within 24 hours I usually go back on to the ticket on the app and ask if they got it okay! :smile: :metal:

Discussions of Curve Black converting into a monthly subscription are taking place, how existing Black card users are dealt with is not yet clear, whether we’re just downgraded to the free tier or whether a trial of the new black tier is given.
This may or may not affect your decision to pay the one off fee now (unless it is purely for the wallet) but I feel you should be aware of what seems to be circulating this forum.

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You can upgrade within the app in the latest version :slight_smile: