A short review of Curve card

I am with Curve since May 2017 and it is one of the best financial tool introduced in the last years. It provides even more benefits and flexibility with underlying cards in different currencies from different EU countries, if you have them :wink:

AMEX support was great but it did not last long and I would not expect to see AMEX on my Curve ever again in the future.
Mastercard & Visa cards are fully supported and I have never had issues with using them. The only drawback is a lack of up to date pictures of some of the underlying cards.
Diners Club cards are not supported at all. DC doesn’t offer private cards in all EU countries and this includes UK market which is why Dc support isn’t on a priority list on Curve’s roadmap.

Initial Curve card spending limits aren’t relatively high but can be increased in the future. Enhanced limit for ATM withdrawal of £1000 or equivalent in different currency is more than enough. Once the limit is reached, Curve card cannot be used.

Go Back in Time is one of the unique and great features of Curve but I suppose it should be used only when really needed. It certainly generates additional costs for Curve. I would say, that an excessive use of Go Back in Time would have been treated as a system abuse.

Worldwide Travel Insurance and Electronic Gadget Insurance offered with Black/Metal subscriptions are OK, nothing exceptional. Travel insurance may be found cheaper elsewhere or get it with some credit cards for free.
Rental car collision damage waiver insurance - not yet available for non UK residents
Medical travel insurance - not yet available for non UK residents

Curve Rewards, Curve Cash etc. It’s always great to get some cashback for transactions made with your card.

Generally speaking, Curve is the only one card in my wallet along with my backup card on Google Play.
I think, once Black trial subscription is over I will jump on paid subscription to support Curve even more. It is fully worth it.
The Curve has definetly changed the game on the payment cards market.
My question is as follows: Would you imagine using all your bank cards without Curve now?

Thanks for your feedback I totally agree with you about the functionality which are unique!
I would imagine carrying only Curve in the future when they will able to provide cards with offline payments (which certainly never happened as Curve is not a bank). Curve acceptance is great but sometimes the merchant is not able to connect through internet and the transaction failed. My gold mastercard is saving me as they are allowing offline payments…

About payments, majority of my cards providers supports Samsung pay, Google pay and Apple pay which makes Curve less and less useful. When mobile payments will be launched I will certainly use more Curve as in 2017!

Diner’s Club offers a card in the UK at the very least with Lufthansa AFAIK

For what it’s worth though Curve also send users commercial cards, so they need to be supporting business used payment methods within Curve too.

cc: @NFH (has it I’m pretty sure)


Curve have had or is having maintenance twice in the last week or two (although at times when an EEA resident should be asleep, this wouldn’t be the case if you were on holiday in the US or Asia)

On top of that, Curve has pretty low limits for quite a few people on this forum.

That and now American Express is gone, it offers me no tangible benefit over my underlying cards (with the previous benefit being that I could use American Express wherever MasterCard was accepted, as well as only carrying one card)

Just to mention you don’t get Section 75 protection with your Curve either (on underlying credit cards), and I’ve heard stories of people struggling with Curve’s protection.

That and if I call my bank or live chat them, I can speak to someone on the spot and have my issue sorted that second. Where can I do this with Curve? They take days to reply to support emails which doesn’t help if I need their assistance on the spot.

Yes, my Curve card is indeed commercial. When a merchant doesn’t accept Amex, it gives me great pleasure that the merchant therefore is (usually unknowingly) paying more to accept my Curve card than it would have done to accept Amex, and that Curve is making a nice profit from the service it gives me.

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