Ability to block certain MCC

I would be nice to have the be able to optionally block / unblock certain transactions based on MCC, that can either cause high surcharges on the underlying card, or can be considered as violation of underlying card AUP. In some cases this can occur without card holder being noticed or informed about nature of the transaction.

For example:

  • MCC 4829 (money orders)
  • MCC 7995 (betting)
  • MCC 6010, 6011, 6012, 6051
  • MCC 6211

Another idea would be to include MCC 4829 into “Curve Frontend” as an optional addition (if is possible from legal perspective)

For Curve Blue and Black users it is best to include as little MCCs to “Curve Fronted” as possible. They would/should want to able to use as many MCCs for free as possible.

Curve Fronted is not a feature meant to block certain MCCs. It is a feature meant to let Curve Black and Blue customers pay extra if used for certain MCC payments or let people subscribe to Metal if they don’t want to pay these fees. So please don’t add extra MCCs to it.

I disagree, as MCC 4829 is subject to a very high surcharge by a bank (can be easily 10 EUR surcharge for 0.5 EUR transaction), so people will definitely prefer to pay Curve for the FrontEnd service…

This MCC often used by Postal services around the Europe for certain purchases.

Maybe your bank, but not my ‘bank’. With my ‘bank’ I can use this MCC for free. So, as a Curve black user, I want to be able to use this MCC for free with my Curve card.

People (like me) would even prefer it more if they could use this MCC for free with their Curve card, because it is not added to Curve Fronted!

And if your bank charges you for this MCC, you still will be charged even when used through Curve Fronted. So that would mean those Curve blue and black users would be charged twice. One charge by their bank and a second (1,5%) charge by Curve.

As I said Curve Fronted is not a feature meant to block certain MCCs, so please do not abuse it for this purpose.

My suggestion was to make it “OPTIONAL” - so user can select what to do. Why would you oppose to that ?

I had similar issue (not with Curve), and there are several complains here :

I am against it because even as “optional”, Curve Fronted is not a feature meant to be used to block certain MCCs.
I am fine if another feature is developed to (optionally) block MCCs, but against abusing Curve Fronted for this purpose.

Some of the posts in the topics you have linked are great examples of people not knowing how Curve Fronted works and/or not understanding its purpose.

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If your card take surcharge for certain MCCs is a sign that you should just use other card for this transaction.

Don’t mess with Curve Fronted, for my cards MCCs you listed are free, and some of them are common MCCs in my country (website payment gates, postal service).

If Curve Fronted will be extended I wouldn’t use Curve but my normal credit card…

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