Ability to order cards in the app

Right now, the order of the cards displayed in the app is the order in which they were added.

Can we have the ability to order them please as mine are a jumbled mess!

It was previously possible to reorder cards by switching between the grid view and the carousel view with a button at the top right of the screen. But the button at the top right has been replaced with a button to add a card.

The instructions for reordering cards are at https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb/articles/213622629-How-do-I-change-cards-in-the-Curve-app- but Curve has neglected to update this support page since it removed the ability to reorder cards.

This was one of many UX regressions the new app introduced. They have stated that they’re planning on bringing back the grid view though.


In the recent awful update, all my cards which were previously arranged in order, all jumbled up.
The Grid view button has disappeared so I cannot rearrange the order again, despite the instructions in the help, the button is not there any more.
This is very annoying as my main two cards are at opposite ends of the carousel.


Another vote for grid view please and ability to re-arrange cards.

Also while in grid view put the points and value below the rewards card.

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This is now possible :smiley: