Ability to update details when underlying card is about to expire

The app stores the expiry date of each underlying card.

It would be helpful if the app would alert customers when an underlying card is about to expire so customers can update the cards details in the Curve app.

This would be especially useful in those cases where the underlying card number doesn’t change and the issuer only changes the CVV code and expiry date on the new card.

Otherwise, at the moment, there is a long winded method of deleting the old card and adding the new card from scratch - once a customer realises the card has expired!

I find it very strange this idea isn’t already here.
My creditcard has just expired, and I got a new one, same number, new expired date and CCV. It’s strange to see I need to delete the current card, and add the new one.

I was able to delete the card after several attempts, but am not able to add the new one. Contacted support, but they’re not very responsive (probably in lockdown :wink:). So unable to use Apple Pay at the moment, and it was working almost perfect with Curve.

I see my post is merged to this one. As I mentioned I didn’t find any idea, and now I know why :slight_smile:. You idea is great, but the headline isn’t covering your idea imho. That’s why I didn’t find it. And that’s also the reason you don’t have many votes yet.

Maybe you can consider, and if it’s possible, to change the headline?

I’ve tweaked the headline a bit…

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I would like to suggest the possibility of being able to update the expiring cards.
I’m trying right now to insert the new card, but I get a generic connection error, which seems strange to me, I suppose it is due to the fact that a card with the same 16 digits is already present. I guess I have to delete the present card and then insert it with the right data, but I recommend inserting the possibility of being able to modify the data of an already inserted card (expiry and cvv) in order to make the insertion of a renewed card easier and more immediate.

Thanks for the attention

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The only problem is that if you go that route (which I had to do after my card expired) you won’t be able to add the renewed card so Curve became useless as of thet moment. Curve support still has not offered a solution or resolved it after more than 3 weeks.

I can’t believe it is still such a pain to update an expiring credit card. The remove, add again faff has been around for as long as I can remember (October 2018 I first asked about it). If the 16 digit card number has not changed surely there should be a simple way to update the expiry date and CVV number? I do wish these basic functions had higher priority above novelty items like loyalty card storage (already available elsewhere).


I’ve just received an updated credit card and had to update a number of online sites and of course Curve. Curve is the only one where I am unable to edit the expiry date and CCV of an existing card. Having to swap to another card, delete the old card and add the new (same) card again then swap back is just ridiculous. How hard can it be?

And then when you have done that as I did you find out that the BIN is no longer supported by Curve and you cannot add your renewed card even if it has the same number. So useless for me now.

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