Ability to update details when underlying card is about to expire

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I would like to suggest the possibility of being able to update the expiring cards.
I’m trying right now to insert the new card, but I get a generic connection error, which seems strange to me, I suppose it is due to the fact that a card with the same 16 digits is already present. I guess I have to delete the present card and then insert it with the right data, but I recommend inserting the possibility of being able to modify the data of an already inserted card (expiry and cvv) in order to make the insertion of a renewed card easier and more immediate.

Thanks for the attention


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I can’t believe it is still such a pain to update an expiring credit card. The remove, add again faff has been around for as long as I can remember (October 2018 I first asked about it). If the 16 digit card number has not changed surely there should be a simple way to update the expiry date and CVV number? I do wish these basic functions had higher priority above novelty items like loyalty card storage (already available elsewhere).


I’ve just received an updated credit card and had to update a number of online sites and of course Curve. Curve is the only one where I am unable to edit the expiry date and CCV of an existing card. Having to swap to another card, delete the old card and add the new (same) card again then swap back is just ridiculous. How hard can it be?


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Just had to go through this process with my ‘main’ card, so had to unlink it from the subscription payment as well…I agree that this is a bit of a pain…

In Apple Wallet, it is done automatically…


Having just spent a while trying unsuccessfully to pay for something online because I hadn’t realised the underlying card had expired, I had some thoughts:

  • some sort of ‘badge’ or equivalent glance-able status on the card in the wallet: possiblity showing both ‘expired’ and ‘nearly expired’

  • phone notification when trying to pay (I got no app feedback, and only realised the issue when, having tried/succeeded using my c.card as underlying, I then tried to go back in time to choose the original card)

  • ‘replace card’ option in-app: I’ve got (& forgot) a new card for that account, but can only add as a totally new card, losing the connection to all transactions on the previous card.


Hi all,
I have to modify mi cc details as well (exp date and CCV), since it’s expired.
Can someone please confirm this problem is not solved?

I installed new version of the app (2.44.0, released on 1st december 2020) but I still don’t see any feature to modify cc details.

Yes, this issue has still not been addressed by Curve. You willneed to delete your old card and then add the new one from scratch

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This is a fundamental flaw really. Surely the most basic thing in card payments is that cards expire - it simply cannot be that hard for Curve to make the process as simple as can be.

What a total faff to have to remove and re-add. Not even any sensible error messages in the process like “a card with this number is already linked to your account. You need to remove this first” - instead just some pathetic “you can’t use this card with Curve” message.

In my case at least it did somehow link back to all the previous transactions with my older underlying card.


I realised that there is no way to update an expiring card without removal. My problem is, that I only have one card within the Curve app. If I try to remove this card I get an error because it ist the only one. But I can’t add the new card as it has the same number and only another CVV and validity.

Has anyone a solution for this?

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Unfortunately the only options I’m aware of are either to add a 2nd card to allow you to remove the first one or to contact support.

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So I have had card expired before and there seems to be no feature in Curve to replace/update an expired card.
In Google Pay, my expired card was updated automatically, I went in to add my new card and it was already changed!
In Curve I have to add the new card and rename my old card and move it to the end of my list (so I keep the transactions against it).
Why is it not a) automatically updated (I assume through open banking), or b) an option to replace/update an expired card with another one (either the same numbers or different numbers), so the transactions are continuous?
I find it very strange that this is not in the app.

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Subj. A card expires, bank issues a new one, with same number and pin, but different expiry date and CVC code. Any way to update the existing card in curve instead of adding a new one? I’d prefer that to preserve history of purchases on that card (i care less about distinguishing between old and new card)

if I try to add the newly issued card then Curve says “Cannot add the card at this time, please contact support” … and I’m wary about removing the old card because I don’t want to lose the purchase history.

Second question: Does removing a card from Curve also remove the entire purchase history for that card?


I admit I rushed to post a question without searching (I was just about to post that I found my answer, also cast my vote in that 2nd thread).

@poeliev Thank you and apologies for wasting your time

p.s. Also thanks for not being an arse about not searching beforehand. Can’t call you a gentle arse either :slight_smile:


I have just gone through a painful 36 hours of card transactions failing. I am pretty sure i raised this during beta, but got caught out again.

Curve does not manage expired underlying cards in any way. There are no push notifications or even a graphic representation in app to show that a card is expired. Why?

This seems a massive oversight on something that would be such a simple fix. A red exclamation mark when today’s date is greater than saved date is all it would take. Push notifications would beneficial.

This will surely drive a huge amount of unnecessary support tickets for failed transactions as time goes on.


It’s a well needed feature. I kept my both expired card and new card for the transaction history. But this doesn’t work for those with the same card long number.