Ability to update details when underlying card is about to expire

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I have just gone through a painful 36 hours of card transactions failing. I am pretty sure i raised this during beta, but got caught out again.

Curve does not manage expired underlying cards in any way. There are no push notifications or even a graphic representation in app to show that a card is expired. Why?

This seems a massive oversight on something that would be such a simple fix. A red exclamation mark when today’s date is greater than saved date is all it would take. Push notifications would beneficial.

This will surely drive a huge amount of unnecessary support tickets for failed transactions as time goes on.


It’s a well needed feature. I kept my both expired card and new card for the transaction history. But this doesn’t work for those with the same card long number.

Has there been any improvement in updating an expired card? Or is it still the case that the old card has to be completely removed and the new card added? This is a regular occurrence so why can’t it be made easier?

No improvement.

It would be really useful if we could edit a credit card where a replacement has arrived with the same number, just a different expiry and CVC. Currently you have to delete the old card and add a new one; which luckily keeps the transaction history so the data must be stored against card number within the app / servers.

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