Abnormal Battery Usage

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
Abnormal battery usage
How to reproduce it:
Maybe something with having this app as NFC payment?
Android 12
Pixel 6
App version:

I thought its just me but I also receive sometimes messages from android informing me of high battery drainage from Curve

@Lucas: Are you also on Android 12?

I’m on Android 11 so far (samsung phone), app version 3.15.2, nothing unusual - 2.2% usage.

Hey @ksenchy and @Lucas, would you be happy to share a screenshot of any messages about high battery usage you receive in the future? Or, if you can see this directly from your settings a snap of that would also be ideal.

If I have some robust evidence for this as an issue then I can pass this to our engineering team for a deep dive. :swimming_man: