About the 'Refunds, take 3' communication

"By directing refunds to your Curve Cash card, we could enable you to spend your refund straight away, skipping the bank’s 1-5 day processing time."

I really really liked this. Who wants to wait when you can have your refund immediately? Yes, you got GBP regardless of the original transaction currency, but at a great rate!

**We thought this would be a big win, but it wasn’t for everyone. Your feedback told us that you just wanted your refund to go back into your payment card. So that’s what we’ve done. **

**From now on, refunds will go back into your payment card, where they’ll take 1-5 days to process, depending on your bank. **

If you have a refund sitting in your Curve Cash card right now, you can spend it right away but can’t move it to another card just yet. We’re working on making this possible, and will update you as soon as it is.

It was a great win for me… Having said that, couldn’t we continue the way this is, but prior to the refund posting, Curve giving the user an option of what they want to do? Curve Cash (even if in GBP) or original form of payment? Curve mentions it is currently working on the ability to move the credit to another card in the future from curve cash. Would it be too much to ask for the curve cash option without “back to the card of payment” being the standard?

I felt like this was an evolution and true progress was being done on refund front. I hope we can still have options and users are able to do what suits them better on this regard.


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