Abysmal Customer Service

So I just received this email from Curve Customer service - for a problem that occurred a week ago.

Can I please ask everyone on this forum and curve staff members if they think this is acceptable? And why is this now the norm for Curve Customer Service?

The reason I don’t follow up curve complaints is because, for me at least, they have the worst track record of replying to your case in a timely manner.

So to find this email which basically translates to ‘sorry, we have a lot of work to do so we’re putting your problem in the bin’ is completely unnaceptable. Especially when 99% of my problems with curve are created by imperfections in curve’s ecosystem (double charging/debiting instead of refunding etc)

I find the response time on my cases gets even longer every time I open one - and to think myself and many customers on here pay money, monthly for a service that causes me more hassle than convenience at this point.

It makes me wonder why I bother paying for a service like curve - when there is a very competitive fintech market out there with equivalent products/better service.


Have you tried escalating it via chat/social media?

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I have on previous occasions - but my point is why does it always have to get to the point when I have to constantly pester curve to solve a problem?

The in-app chat more recently has become an art of how not to get an automated message and speak to a human. - the current case in question was raised via the chat as there was no one available to answer it

When I see a delayed response to a case I have opened - I expect a solution or someone trying to help resolve it, not curve waiting long enough that they think the problem has solved itself…


had the same issue just yesterday, I have since disputed with the underlying card instead.

I emailed them on 21 November 2021 for a query/issue. While I have received some responses, none of them have really understood the issue and/or have been unhelpful so it’s just pending in my inbox. The last response from them was on 01 January 2022, which I replied to immediately - so I am expecting another response by the end of this month, to which I will reply in a few minutes and then receive another reply from them in 3-4 weeks.

I’d say it’s now what I expect out of their customer service. I’ve already removed all my cards from the app and the card now sits in a drawer.


That is indeed abysmal. Instead of taking it up and contacting you to apologise and ask if you need further help, they seem to just want to close tickets (probably some sort of KPI they want to reach to show the shareholders).

Sorry but it would be a very dysfunctional business if every customer had to ‘escalate’ on social media to get help. What’s the point of the official support channel then?

My own experience with, thankfully, a very small transaction was the same. Reported a transaction stuck on pending, received a reply after a month saying “oh it will be refunded automatically”. It never did (still stuck on pending since July) but the amount is way too small to be worth my energy to take on this apalling customer service.


I had the exact same issue yesterday - so frustrating considering there’s no need to follow up if Curve is “looking into it”

@Curve_Joel - how do we know when this will be rectified? Its now bugging me how Curve are trying to act blind to the complaints within this forum?! Its bugging me even more that this is still an issue, but never was…

A question that has been asked endlessly, and nobody in the history of Curve has ever given an acceptable answer. What is abundantly apparent is that Curve don’t have a blind clue what customer service is, let alone how to do it. They just don’t care. No feedback ever seems to get fed back - or if it is, it’s roundly ignored.

Instead of actually caring about customers, Curve seem hell bent on introducing as much stuff as possible to make it impossible for customers to actually get help - from ridiculous autoreplies to support tickets that put the ticket on hold unless the customer replies to the (useless, usually) suggestions, to the standard issue utterly useless chatbot…now they’re allegedly just closing out tickets that they haven’t responded to…they don’t actually want to provide help it seems.

I think Curve need to start publishing some performance metrics. Any problem not solved in the eyes of the customer within two hours is an outright fail.


I have the same awful customer ‘service’ issues.,whether it is via the App, email, social media etc they are useless at replying and still the issues with the card and app go on…I’m totally fed up with it and I am an investor!


Curve really (really!) need to slow down - or temporarily halt - their expansion plans and get on top of their Customer Service. There is no excuse anymore, one wonders at this point if they’re not concerned, or not aware - seems unlikely. Their responses are starting to sound like the England Cricket team…
If they try and expand into the United States this sort of service will have them sinking like a lead dirigible.

Just as an example - and not trying to bang my own drum - I had dialogue with a representative, twice promising a response. I eventually resorted to a DM, no response now for over 5 months, I don’t even know if the person still is part of the community…


As usual, no reply from curve here or in their app, do they even have employees or just bots? Unnaceptable


Hi Robinl, this is mainly a community focused… Well erm community. Meaning that there are little to no staff here. I apologise if that’s what you felt this community was here for.

Their used to be some mods trying to answer some queries. Even that is no more. Since there are no answer via the app nor via twitter, what else is left to contact actual curve employees? Legal actions?

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There are moderators trying to answer questions…Even moderators are users just like yourself but they’ve been given extra privileges that’s all.

On occasion Curve staff do pop up here now and again.

But I’ve never seen anything useful when it comes to providing anything in the way of any useful information, and despite supposedly doing lots of ‘Q&A’ things, all they ever do is acknowledge that they are terrible at customer service, never really provide any useful communications to their customers, and they certainly haven’t ever made any real commitments or presented any plans to do anything better (except that they, supposedly, are recruiting…but that was last year!, and monthly updates that never provide anything apart from some advertising of new features when all we want is for them to get the basics right!)

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We should all vote with our feet and leave !

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As extreme as that sounds, it’s not really fixing the issue is it? We all need to be pragmatic in our search for solutions to this issue. Not that we can actually physically do much but still.

I don’t know what’s worse, the abysmal customer service or people thinking it will get better without drastic action.


Maybe as an investor I look at things slightly differently to yourself which is absolutely fine.

Of course I don’t have to remind you that you’re free to leave at any time you choose, please note that’s not me telling you to leave, far from it in fact. We all have the democratic option that if we are unhappy with a service or company we are free not to use it.