Abysmal Customer Service

That is totally unacceptable! Customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen. They closed two of my inquiries in the chat without getting me the correct answers. It also took 13 days for them to answer and all I got out of it was madness!!

I can understand that it’s a free choice to use curve but i payed for a metal card as they stated that you get “priority service”. This is just bull shit to be honest, 13 days and not a chance to respond before closing is not priority service. This was in October…

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Yup, their customer service and in general their ticketing system is simply the worst I’ve ever came accross.

Same for me, I’m at the point where I will stop using Curve. Shame as I think the concept is great and I am a shareholder but they have lost my custom…

I love Curve but honestly their customer support is subpar. Rarely have issues but if you ever have to contact them, it takes weeks (not days) and I have to keep chasing to follow-up. When you do get a response, it’s not helpful or doesn’t really help with the issue you are having. I really hope they can sort this out!
I want to get Metal but not sure I want to pay given how bad it is.


I received an e-mail like this too in relation to an issue that I reported over two years ago. The ball is in Curve’s court, as always, but this e-mail indicates that Curve has deliberately dropped the ball.

When I pay £150 per annum for this card, I expect better service.

I’m glad that I’m not the only one experiencing these issues - though it is very disappointing and abundantly clear that curve’s customer service is somewhat diabolical.

I had a serious issue last year and I deliberately blocked Curve debiting my subscription from my bank - and guess what! I had an email in 24hrs querying this, and they solved my problem the next day!

What I also find really disrespectful is that no one from curve has seen to reply to this thread. @Curve_Joel i have seen you are mentioned in one reply, and have been replying on other threads (in the grand scheme of things no one cares about a new card! They just want decent service!) - how about giving the community a decent answer!

I still have no solution to my current case. My next step will be the financial ombudsman as I feel curve won’t really listen until it is shoved in their face.


It’s really funny how Curve managed to have a faster response time while lowering the quality of the answers. Right now when I need something from support, they mostly answer within two days, with a mediocre answer and then close the ticket, just so I have to open another one again. So in the end nothing changed…