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I got a refund from Churchill Insurance but it was sent back to Curve Cash despite the fact that I paid with my Natwest Card through Curve. Now I have £32.48 stuck in my Curve Cash and I am not sure how to get to it.


Hey there,

the Curve Customer Support can help you in this case or if you have an online banking account which support topups via debit card then you can switch to the Curve Cash Card and topup your online banking account with curve.

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Add money your card to Revolut doesn’t work.

This is why I’m seriously considering stopping using my Curve card, sick of refunds not going back onto the cards they came from and being stuck in Curve cash. Instead of rolling out new features they should maybe look at fixing these problems first.

Or ask us the user
Do you want this?
No, ok you can disable it

Right, thanks.

I am registered and regulated by the FCA, I will ask around if this falls within the ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ principles.

The curve support Is not working,my. Curve cash are stucked for more than 3 weeks now i cant acces my funds cant send or use curve cash card i Lost the curve Blue card and they never sent any new card ,support keep sayng theynare investigating last transactions they Need to verify my docs and i asked to close account and i. Cant have my Money back ,Just Fed up with curve i suggest all of you leave This app and get tour Money out before they Will be locked like mineScreenshot_20200915-190502|281x500

Hey there @Lucacalz,

sad to hear what happened, but everything has a reason. Have you already tried to change the ticket priority by responding to the ticket with “urgent”?

There Is no urgent options i opened like 20 tickets in One month and all are closed 🤦🤦🤦

What made you think after ticket nr 17 was closed that opening ticket nr 18 would solve the issue?

If Curve Support says they are investigating the matter and need to verify your docs that is probably exactly what they are doing.

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Stop spamming

We also need support
You overflood the system

Exactly the point I was trying to make.

People like you are the reason why support are slow
They have to spend there time on spam