Access to MasterCard Travel & Lifestyle services?

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According to January Launch FAQs - Curve News and Updates - Curve Community, all the benefits that come with Metal (a MasterCard World Elite card) are available here: Premium Travel & Lifestyle Perks | World Elite Mastercard Credit Card

Browsing on that page (and others linked to it) I came across the MasterCard Travel & Lifestyle services here: Unfortunately when trying to register on it with my card number, I keep getting an error message:

I’m not sure if it’s just me or all Curve Metal customers have/will incur the same issue. Can anyone confirm if they’ve managed to register? If it doesn’t seem to go through for anyone, I’d be really curious to understand why we don’t have that benefit.


I’m also a Curve Metal customer, and I can confirm that my card isn’t eligible for the Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle Services program.

On accessing the page, it asks me to choose my location and language from 45 countries.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the website, this is what I see : “Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle Services are provided by Ten Lifestyle Management Limited. No travel bookings are being made by Mastercard, nor is Mastercard acting as a travel agency or providing any travel consultation or advice, in connection with Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle Services.

And this is what I see on the FAQ page : “If you have a World™ Mastercard, you are likely to have access to the Program. There are however some exceptions, and some other card types that may access the Program. You can find out by either calling your issuing bank, or call us and we can check for you if your card enables you to use the Program.

I may be wrong about everything but as far as I can see, Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle services are provided by Ten Lifestyle Management Limited.

So it may be Ten Lifestyle Management Limited that has chosen which card is eligible, which card is not.

And Curve cards are not (maybe in relation to BIN, maybe we already have these offers by being a Curve Metal customer, maybe this programme is only for people who have a World™ Mastercard attached to a bank).

And in relation to the countries to choose from on the front page, 45 countries are requested, I think it’s only people from those countries that are eligible.

I think we’d have to check this with Ten Lifestyle Management Limited…

Thanks for checking @DaniDa - I emailed Ten Lifestyle Management earlier this week, let’s see if I can get a response.

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Let us know what will be the answer.
I am also interested.


When I searched the BIN of my Curve Metal card, I found that mine is listed as a Standard card, despite the fact that the card is labelled World Elite. Weird isn’t it ?

Just a quick update for all - still no response from the team, just under 3 weeks! Let’s see how long this takes.


:hourglass_flowing_sand: exactly.

Free BIN/IIN Lookup Web Service -

Search BIN Database | BIN Database | BIN lookup | BIN list (

This is the most up to date database:

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Based on that I have a ‘MDW - World Elite Debit MasterCard’

This gives me World Elite

Exactly that’s correct. World Elite curve debit card. (however, there may be some limitations to this card. Who knows )

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