Accidental selection of payment card

It is far too easy to select a card by mistake. I have lost count how many times I’ve accidentally selected Curve Rewards as my payment card. Sure, I am notified and change it back, but it really shouldn’t be possible to accidentally select another card in the first place. This has potential for serious impact.

I can’t see how you can accidentally select a card, unless it’s left there from a previous transaction? How does it happen for you?

I swipe left to see my rewards. Accidentally press the reward card (because my finger is right there as I’m swiping), which sets it as my default payment card. Suggest it should be a longer press, double press or some quick confirmation.

I suspect testing is performed on emulators/simulators where this kind of UX failure won’t be discovered. That testing is fine but needs to be supplemented with real people using physical devices. In-house UAT (by non-technical people) and User Testing with Curve customers or people from the street are good ways of doing this.


@curve_tobias is a designated tester and certainly a real person :smile:

Thank you for your feedback to help us improve. It will be interesting to see how many else is experiencing the same.

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“Designated tester” Just one person? Ouch! I feel sorry for him, as he must feel pressure to not be a bottleneck for everybody else. That’s one fundamental root cause. Everybody in the organisation should be testing and feeding back their findings. That’s how you’ll find suboptimal user experiences. More bugs too. It takes a cultural change and shift in mindset… and a fair bit of practice to get right (how you report a bug for example), but the ROI is massive!

There are a few assumptions that doesn’t hold true:

  1. “testing is performed on emulators/simulators”
  2. That we don’t do “In-house UAT (by non-technical people) and User Testing with Curve customers or people from the street are good ways of doing this”
  3. That we have “Just one person” for testing
  4. That we are not actively working on culture, methods, and processes for bug reporting: “It takes a cultural change and shift in mindset… and a fair bit of practice to get right (how you report a bug for example)”

@curve_tobias will be able to provide you some more information shortly :slight_smile:

Hi @waynep.1963,
yep, I am real and also not the only one working as a tester here at @communitymember123, I have 2 lovely colleagues and as you pointed out we have a culture where everyone chips in on the testing that needs to be done. Our devs are really good at testing each others changes as well. We are striving for a culture where quality is built in from the beginning.
We know there is a lot we can do to make the UX more pleasant and you will see that the next releases are already bringing improvements to the areas that are changing.

We also frequently spend time with our CX champions that are in frequent contact with our user base and see what issues are recurring and we work together on prioritising and solving these in due time.

If you have concrete feedback that you would like to give why don’t you give our Bug report thread a try.

If you do log a bug please use the bug report template.

I hope this clears things up.

Regarding the issue that you have brought up, I just tried and I didn’t experience the issue myself. But I have also just spoken to a CX champ and she told me that it happens occasionally that people select a different card by accident.
Since you are aware of the issue, I recommend you are extra carefully when going through your cards and check that you haven’t selected the wrong card before you close the app, if you are on iOS, you can always check the widget as well. I will discuss with the team and our UX designers if there is something that we can do to make it more obvious which card is currently selected or make it more obvious when you are switching cards.

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Just to say, this has happened to me on occasion too, but have always noticed. I suppose one of the benefits of curve is that you can always go back in time if you make a mistake tho?

Came in very handy for me a few times

Whenever there is a choice, there is a chance that one could make a mistake. I could choose the wrong physical card out of my physical wallet if I wasn’t careful enough.
But that doesn’t have “back in time” :joy:


I’d like to say its happened to me twice only - once on rewards, so no way to go back in time, the other was easily rectified with the ‘go back in time’ feature.

Out of interest, what might that serious impact be?

At a guess…you spend money on a card, don’t notice, and need that for something else?

Any transaction that comes from a different account to what you were expecting is pretty serious in itself, especially if the transactions total a significant amount before you notice. A few scenarios I can think of are:

  1. Exceeding credit limit.
  2. Paying for a surprise present/holiday for your spouse/partner with an account that person has access to.
  3. Paying from a joint account used for a different purpose.
  4. Paying from an credit account set to automatically clear the balance from a debit account vs one you expect to pay in installments, where you don’t have enough funds in the debit account.

There are probably others. Fundamentally, I don’t want to be making payments from one account when I think it’s another.

Taking the wrong physical card out of your wallet is more visible, and arguably less likely, than a single card that’s “soft” linked to any one of the accounts you have linked. Along the same lines, if you’re paying online it’s highly unlikely you’ll use the wrong card.

If you notice this only after making a number of payments, you will need to use time travel for each transaction.

Without wishing to be controversial, your stance comes across as catastrophising.

Of course not, but you have more control over that process than you’re suggesting here.

But all in all, I suppose, it wouldn’t be a huge leap if the app included an alert when the underlying card is changed…

I must say that I also find it very easy to make a accidental selection of a card when for example swiping back and forth to find on which card a transaction was made. And it is a nuisance when I mix up my business cards and private cards. On my phone the selected card is, shall we call it “highlighted”. It is difficult to see which card is highlighted.
I would find it a very nice feature if the active card had for example a broad frame clearly indicating it was active!
BTW Wonderful thing the CURVE card!
Best regards

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