Accidentally transferred money from Paypal to Curve


I’m wondering if anyone could help me. I accidentally withdrawn my money from my Paypal account into my Curve account instead of my regular bank account. Paypal has sent me the transaction confirmation but I can’t see my money anywhere. I’m wondering if I’ve lost it now since Curve is not a bank. :pensive:


It’s gonna be on the Curve Cash card.

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Small clarification regarding transfers/withdrawals from PayPal to Curve:

Since Curve is not a bank, we do not advise anyone to transfer or withdraw money from PayPal, Trading212, etc. However, if you do, there are 2 possible outcomes:

  • The withdrawal or transfer will probably be seen as a refund. If this happens, our system will try to match it with a transaction you have already made. But usually there is no transaction to match and so the amount is processed for Curve Cash.

  • The withdrawal or transfer is seen as a credit. If this happens, our system will not allow it to go through and it should bounce to PayPal/Trading212. This is less common, but can still happen.

In either case, it will usually take 2-3 days for the amount to reach Curve and then it is best to get in touch with support so they can verify what happened.