Account completely broken


I contacted support more than a week ago for an issue with my account: After locking and then unlocking my card, Apple Pay wasn’t working anymore I couldn’t add my card back. Today I received a message from support telling me that they changed something in my account so I could use it again and asked me to delete and reinstall the app. I just did that, firstly after entering my phone number and passcode I was stuck with an error saying the app couldn’t find my details. I closed the app and opened it again, and it seemed the issue was gone, but there is something else now, when I click on Account I just get this message:

I’m so done with this app.

You don’t need access to the app to contact Curve support. You can send them an email at and/or reach out to them on Twitter (@AskCurve).

Looks like there is a general issue at the moment:

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I had similar issue – after ages of account verification, my account is back alive.
However somehow the physical card as well as Apple Pay remain unfunctional.
Online shopping with card info works fine, stored card in the Nero app also works.

I had to ask for a new card which should have arrived yesterday but I’m still waiting.

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