Account debited twice

I thought I’d try out my Curve Card at my local (free to use) ATM machine to withdraw £10. However after putting in my Curve PIN I was advised that I may be charged by the card provider for this transaction; so to avoid this I canceled the transaction and used my “normal” bank card to withdraw the £10. However when I checked my “normal” account it seems that I’ve been debited twice for the £10. Once for the using Curve card and another for the “normal” card. So in all my “normal” account has been debited by £20 instead of £10. Is there anyway to get the Curve £10 back? Thanks.

It might be refunded automatically in the next couple of days, if not contact Curve support directly by email ( or Twitter (@Askcurve).

You could have continued by the way because Curve (as the card provider) would not have charged you a fee. If you stay within your limits Curve does never charge you for ATM transactions, it’s the ATM itself that might charge a fee.


Just to let you know as well, all UK ATMs will say there may be a charge unless it’s a card that runs on the LINK network (i.e. a card from one of the big UK banks).

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