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I’m new to Curve and have the metal card coming. In the meantime, the app says I’m ready to spend. To get my account details I need to head the account section but, when I do, the only 3 things available are

Share Curve & Get Cashback
Help Centre

Anyone else have or have had this issue? Clearly, I can’t spend a penny via Curve without this information. Also, all the help I’ve searched for online suggests the ‘account’ section is on the left, on my app it’s the right - I’m using iOS.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

Hey @Markfranklin123, welcome to the community! :eyes:

I am a metal customer like you, but I have different entries in the “Account” window.

Could you send me a screenshot?

Hi Mattia

Thank you, yours look much more different to mine.

Hello @Markfranklin123,

Please pop-up a DM with the support team through Twitter (@AskCurve) so they can take a look!

I think you have to wait for your card to arrive before you can find out your card number. I don’t believe you can add the card in Apple Pay until you’ve received/activated the card either…

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