Account STILL blocked after verification

Almost a week ago i’ve been asked to verify my identity, and was told my account would be blocked until i did so

I’ve verified, process went ok, my spending limits have been raised but my account is STILL BLOCKED

It’s almost been a week, i’ve tried to call, sent a DM on twitter, opened a chat inside the app and support told me “the team will handle this as soon as possibile”

In the meantime, i can’t do basic stuff like filling my car fuel tank because my normal card does not work with gas stations

This is really dreadful, i feel completely helpless

Hey sorry to read that, for verification I guess you can only wait.

For the car I do not know where you are from but isn’t there possibility to pay at astation with desk or pay direclty on automat if you have more than 150-200€ ?

So, update on this

My account is now DELETED for “clear evidence of providing wrong info”

This is ridicolous, i’ve now sent them ALL of my ID cards, but considering the quality of support i am not expecting anything good