Account tab not working - "Something's Gone Wrong"

I get this message when I open the Account tab: “Seomthing’s Gone Wrong; Please try again later”.

It started showing up when I upgraded to iPhone 13. Deleting and reinstalling the app doesn’t do anything, the retry button neither and “contact support” link stopped working recently as Curve shut down the live chat.
Before that, I managed to send a screenshot to Support, but they closed my ticket without solving the issue when they disabled live chat.

To add to the issue, my virtual card expired on Sep 1 but I never got a new one in the app so currently I have no way of using Curve. My physical card was supposed to be delivered weeks ago and I’m waiting for it to be reissued/re-mailed.

So, what can I do? I can’t use Curve at all (no physical card and can’t check for a virtual card). Old community posts are saying that the bug’s been fixed, but it obviously hasn’t.

I would either contact Curve support again. By email;
Or contact Curve on Twitter (AskCurve) or Facebook and point them to the incorrectly closed ticket.

Exactly the same issue here!