Account verfification

I have received an email reporting to be fro Curve saying I need to verify my account. Slightly surprised by this to be honest as the account is all setup and in use for a few weeks with cards successfully added. the email asks me to click on a link and/or to reply to the email which all seem classic scam phishing attempts. How can I safely know this is a legitimate request? I can find no details in the iOS app about this.

From which address is the mail sent or even more important to which address does it reply (what is the reply-address)?

The email is from Elena (Curve) via and states to reply to that too, whilst the link in the email states to go to an address is one of their official email addresses, so it’s save to send a reply to that address.

More on Onfido and Curve:

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ok, thanks for the help and information. appreciated.

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