Activate card erorr


I received my Curve card in the post but can’t seem to activate in the App. I have entered the last 4 digits on the card and just get the message “to activate, verify a card thats yours and issued in Europe”

You can try to contact them directly on the app or on Twitter (if you have an account), they might be able to help you !

I think you first have to add some (other bank’s) card to Curve, fully verify it and then, after you have at least one card added to Curve, you can activate the Curve card itself… :thinking:

Hey @Puki, welcome to the Community and to Curve! :partying_face:

As @DaniDa mentioned, you need to first add a payment card to your account before you’ll be able to activate your Curve card. If you’ve done this and still can’t activate then you should get in touch with our support team so they can take a look. You can email them directly at or send a DM to AskCurve on Twitter!

I can’t add my card to Google Pay and also I can’t make a payment with Curve card. With Curve only some problems. Support is a joke, they solve my problem 8 days and do nothing. Shame on you!

They solved your problem?
Then its fixed?

Yes, they solved. Card was blocked due to antyfraud system.

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